Windselm supposedly was founded by settlers originally from Elmswood. The truth is: Windselm doesn’t exist. It was made up by cultists worshipping the huge predators from Elmswood who explained away the missing Mice to inquiring Guardsmice.

Makes sense with Midnights statement, but don’t you think the guards mice would actually search for the missing mice in Windselm before believing the people from Elmoss? Oh, and cats are non canon, but that’s fine if you’re not a canon stickler like me.

Ah, but in my game the Elmswood situation is unrelated to Midnight’s efforts. It’s just something that happens relatively far out in the Territories. I’m not even comitted to a year yet, this may be before or after the events in the comics.

As a GM, I don’t have to decide what the Guardsmice do. They found out themselves the mayor of Elmswood is not to be trusted, and acted accordingly. And in the tradition of the comics, they barely made it out of Elmswood alive.

ADDENDUM: I actually just used a sable for stats, which is cat-like enough for me to cover the ground here. On the grounds of not wanting to have a discussion of what’s canon and what isn’t, I adjusted the original description.

Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean Elmoss. I meant Elmswood. For some reason I always mix up the two.