wine/water skin slot -- belt only?


So, my character would like to pack an extra/additional skin, preferably full. However the Master Gear List only specifies “belt/default slot”. Does this mean I in fact cannot use a pack slot (backpack or satchel) to carry an extra skin?

Similarly, what If I wanted to keep a Satchel in a pack, similar to how one might want to put a large sack in a pack? Is that not possible because Satchel only specifies ‘torso/worn 1’?

Since a Jug contains 3 draughts and requires 3 pack slots, and a Bottle contains 2 draughts and requires 2 pack slots… it seems logical/natural that a Skin, which contains 1 draughts, would occupy 1 pack slot.

Through similar feats of deduction, I would estimate that an (empty) Satchel would occupy 2 pack slots (on account of a satchel likely being more bulky than a large sack, even though it has less inventory slots).

I’m not trying to munchkin here or anything, I’m just wondering what the rule or ruling is for those two specific situations.


Those are some good questions. The rules are the rules, and they don’t say you can carry a wineskin in your pack, but by that same token you wouldn’t be able to carry your shoes in your hand (to aid in sneaking, perhaps?) Weird, huh?

Yeah, exactly – wasn’t quite sure whether this was a mere detail that fell through the cracks, or whether it’s a strict Rule As (Not Technically-Speaking) Written. A known unknown? Or a known known? :confused::?::stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you’ll have to make due with a bottle or a jug. :wink:

AAAiieee! <great weeping and gnashing of teeth> The Gods are a cruel lot indeed!

< goes back to re-re-sorting through his gear >

I like this because it seriously makes you consider every frickin’ item in your limited space! You guys are devious! (: (:

Full skins do not pack well.

Is this to suggest that an empty skin is packable in a Slot other than Belt (or Hands)?