Witch Nature question

There aren’t any nature questions for the witch class - should they just use the human nature questions and descriptors? I was hoping for something more… witchy :slight_smile:

Would appreciate any comments from people who have used this class in their games

Which nature?

Sorry, sorry. Nope, she’s human.

However, you could use different Nature questions if she’s of a specific tribe of humans from The Middarmark. (/plug)

according to my group, witches used to form their own tribe but were persecuted, expelled and forced to live as outcasts. i thought this merits a new nature question.

i’d replace the one about goblins and beasts with the following:

When you see your neighbors performing their cultural practices and rites, do you secretly laugh at them for their lack of knowledge of the Nether World or do you crave to know their secrets and participate in a vivid cult again?

If you show no interest in the rites of the common folk, increase your Nature by one.
If you privately wish to participate in their ceremonies, replace a home trait with Emphatic, Curious or Outcast.

personally, i like how “curious” implies that you’re strange even by witch standards. any opinions? first time trying something like this, mind you

Actually, on second thought, I’m not so sure about “Curious” anymore. First I liked how it can mean both “odd” and “inquisitive”, but does that make a trait too strong (if it can apply in a much wider range of cases)?