Witcher 3 Hack - Signs

So in following up on my previous thread with the lifepaths and traits for my Witcher 3 hack, I’ve taken Thor’s suggestion to make the signs individual skills rather than having witchers use the Sorcery skill for their powers. I’ve based these on a combination of the existing spells and the elven skill songs. These will only be available to those characters that have taken the Witcher trait, and the rolls will be open-ended as the elven skill songs. Please take a look and let me know what you think, particularly which changes you think need to be made to effects and Obs.

Quen – Ob 4^ – 11 Actions
As the existing Turn Aside the Blade spell.

Yrden – Ob 4^ – 2 Actions
Caster chooses a single supernatural target to make a Steel test. Hesitation is increased by the margin of success.

Igni – See Description – 2 Actions
Functions as either Flame Finger or Fire Fan as applicable.

Aard - Ob Speed – 1 Action
The caster produces a telekinetic blast that assails foes. Targets in the area are knocked prone.

Axii – Ob 3 – 2 Actions
The caster influences the mind of a target, forcing them to speak honestly or stunning them into inaction. Targets must make a Steel test, and must speak honestly for a number of actions equal to the result.

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