Wizards and careful castIng

Can wizards always cast triple carefully even when the GM or player can’t think of a time complication?

Yes they can

It seems like that might be a good time to Say Yes.

You can never say yes to sorcery.

Really? I can’t find that in the book. Do you have a page number?

I don’t think it’s stated explicitly, but the fact that there are mechanical consequences to a failed spell roll, means that the answer to the question, “Is anything at stake?” is always yes.

Also there is Tax

Maybe. There are mechanical rules for screwing up in combat but you can Say Yes to Appropriate Weapons. The Sorcery failure rules give you guidelines for what goes wrong when experience with or intuition about reality is, obviously, no guide at all. I’m not sure that means you can’t have times when there’s so little pressure that you shouldn’t just let the desired outcome be.

You can also Say Yes to tax tests!

This actually sort of came up in a game I’m playing in. The Sorcerer in our group has an instinct about practicing his arts each night. Last session, he cast Mending, but there really wasn’t any good reason to do it beyond wanting to use Sorcery. It probably should have been handled as practice time, rather than the 3 minimum tests (Sorcery, Forte & Health) for spell casting.

You should Say Yes to Sorcery often. You should Say Yes to Tax tests…sometimes.

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