Wolf crushing jaws weapon skill

what would be the weapon skill that you would test for a great wolf trying to use disarm in a fight with his crushing jaws? there’s no bite skill, so this one stumped me

Hiya @bigpants!

Brawling is the skill I’d expect to be tested here (it shows up repeatedly in the Great Wolves lifepaths).

There’s also Savage Attack (Codex p495), which acts in a similar way as Martial Arts does for the two-legged Stocks (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc), and allowing access to Lock & Strike.


Note that Brawling doesn’t give access to the Special actions in Fight (Beat, Disarm, Feint, Throw Person) per pg 439 of BWGR. Savage Attack gives access to all maneuvers (pg 540 Codex), so it should be fine for Disarm and the rest.


Savage Attack all the way.

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thanks guys! so i just have one more question. if the great wolf doesn’t have savage attack or any weapon skills or boxing and he scripted disarm, do you just treat it as though he scripted no action since he actually needs savage attack to unlock the disarm action? or would you treat it as an unskilled beginner’s luck attempt to disarm?

Rules say it should be Beginner’s Luck, which would be horrendously difficult. If it were the first time it happened and seemed to be a genuine mistake, I’d offer to let him Avoid instead. No leeway after that though

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yeah, i was thinking i would let him use the OH F&@K! rules to choose a new current action and sacrifice his next action. can you show me where it says in the rules to use beginner’s luck in this specific situation? i had assumed that if you didn’t have the skill which allows access to the particular fight action, you just couldn’t use it.

after re-reading the fighting skills section, i think you are right. it says if you are unskilled in a fight, you suffer double obstacle penalties to standard test actions and in versus test actions you must generate two successes for each one of your opponent’s successes, but only one success is needed to overcome a +1 ob penaty. i guess it just confused me that it said that skills grant actions and thus without the skills, the actions would not be granted.

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