How I’ve been planning Wolfepointe:


So near to wild country the mice of Wolfepointe are more aware of how fragile they’re lives really are and less of more “civilized” mouse society.
the community is tight knit and wary of outsiders. all the seasonal festivals are celebrated and shaminism is the principal way of life/religion.


Wolfepointe is nestled into the rocky sides of a small stream. The mice live in extended family units, each unit sharing a burrow. in between the opposing river banks sits a small stone bridge. water is found in the stream. the village has a population of around 670.


Wolfepoint is led by the most able warrior, they must be the best at commanding, fighting, and the lore of the area. the head warrior (warlord, chief, etc.) a council of warriors, shaman, and loremice can overide a warlords desicions if unanymous. Warlords reign until age 65 at which point a compitition is held to decide the next chief.


Wolfepointe is relitivly self sufficient, but is known for its effective predator deterants. it exports musks and traps to drive of predators, and it imports most quality goods.

Culture and the Guard:

Wolfepointe is a very religious community, they have many superstitions. To denote thanks for recources in an area they will build a cairn, thus mice traveling near WolfePointe can tell where food, shelter, and other commodities are. many large predators roam the area’s near Wolfepointe, in reaction the mice of Wolfepointe have devoloped a powerful warrior culture. the warriors accopany harvesters and others whose work lay outside the village. The warriors also take it unto themselves to drive of predators as a way to keep the area safe and prove themselves as valuble members of the community. The mice of Wolfepointe regard the Gaurd as fellow warriors deserving of the respect do a warrior. As the Guard frequints Wolfepointe when establishing the scent border, there is a permanent lodging place for Guard Mice who enter the village.



Questions, suggestions, concerns???

The population seems huge. 670 seems more like a thriving center of mousy commerce then a small town at the edge of the Mouse Territories.

Other then that it looks good. I can see lots of fun plots coming out of here. Fox attack and the stubborn commander refuses to help anyone but mice already in the city. A new cult arises out of superstitions claiming that the path to the promised land is paved with the blood of Guard Mice, and it’s up to them to spill that blood.


so like Pop. 50?

No idea, honestly. I checked the book and population is listed simply as “town” or “city”. I would go with that and not worry about specific numbers to much.


What Traits and Skills do its denizens get?


traits and skills hmm I had not thought of that

I guess traits would be, fearless, bold, stubborn.

skills would be shamanism, fighter, hunter.

I’d use the listed places in the book as a guide (2-3 skills, 1-2 traits).

Also, I’d be wary about introducing a new core skill into the game, especially one that revolves around religion. If they’re superstitious or something of that sort, my suggestion would be to have it as a wise.

If you’ve added religion to the game, I’d be curious to see a write-up in the Hack forum as to how you’re working that.

I am working on incorporating some religions and I’ll be sure to post a religion hack. oh and if three traits is too much nix on the bold…