Hello! Here is my personal take on the most Easterly mouse town!


Wolfepointe is the most eastward settlement in the Territories and the last stop before the Wild Country. It is known for grizzled townsmice who prefer to remain cutoff from society.

Location / Structure

The town itself lies in the last permanent cover before the open ground and forests that mark the dangerous lands beyond the scent border. It is buried in rocky earth and beneath thick thornbrush, deterring predators and diggers both.




Wolfepointe is rare amongst the Territories in that they have their own body of armed mice who regularly patrol the lands around their town. While they do not have the advantage of training or equipment of the Guard, these ‘Wardens’ of Wolfepointe are respected by the Guard for their knowledge of the terrain and stoic sense of duty. The Guard themsleves are in turn respected by the Wardens, who often help maintain the Scent Border and drive off animals who wander too close to their town.

The town itself is presided over by a single mouse selected from the Wardens by popular vote, who is then known as the ‘Chief Warden’ and acts as a sort of mayor and police chief in one. The Chief Warden serves for up to 20 years, or until they feel too unfit to remain in the post.

Major Trades

While there are no particular trades that Wolfepointe is known for, most trades are represented in Wolfepointe by some amount. There are smiths and scientists, harvesters and millers, brewers and bakers - everything needed to keep a town self-sufficient.

Import / Export

Wolfepoint has little in the way of exports beyond certain kinds of grain that are found in any quantity in the open ground. They have striven towards being totally independent, but still do small trade with other mouse cities for grain, glass and metal.


Guardsmice from Wolfepointe may select the following:

Skills: Hunter, Labourer, Survivalist

Traits: Determined, Stoic

I like this. I’ve been using Wolfpointe a bit, but more as a standoffish anti-guard settlement that doesn’t want to be interfered with. I may mix some of your elements into mine.

Interestingly, the mouse I currently have as the Chief Warden of Wolfepointe is a fellow by the name ‘Rhydderch’, who has some decidedly dim views of the Guard and wants as little to do with them as possible, going to far as to ‘greeting’ members of the Guard at the gates of the town with a naked sword at hand. He doesn’t attack and he does let them in, but they are perfectly aware that Rhydderch doesn’t want them there.

I get a feeling of the wardens being mouse guard-like but more ranger focused in their training, a little like The Rangers of The North in Tolkien’s works. I like it. I guess some famous Pathfinders and Scouts (and maybe Hunters) are from this area. Maybe wardens that withdraw from working in the wild as they get older are experienced loremice?

I definitely get inspired, thanks.