Workaround for increasing MRCZ flow

(Ludifex) #1

Normally you can only increase a MRCZ’s flow by a max of 4 per session. Instead, can you wait till all players have high flow, disband the MRCZ, and then reform again with the flow of the player with the least flow? It seems like you could ratchet the MRCZ up pretty quickly this way, and I don’t see any rules against it.


I think that’s absolutely okay. Some people might not appreciate you exploiting the system, though. Good strategy, but I’d be prepared for some Frownies!

(Jeremiah Frye) #3

I always kind of assumed that was completely intentional.

(Luke Wheel) #4

Note that 1) You can’t simply recreate the MRCZ. Each name has to be unique on the Donut.

  1. You start as a tier 1 MRCZ. So if you have more than four members, they all get kicked to baselining. And anything could happen before you have the chance to reinvite them to join…
(Ludifex) #5

I assume that this is a well known strategy on the donut, so I bet everyone’s doing it.

(Jared A. Sorensen) #6

We call that “pivoting” or “re-branding.”

(Anthony) #7