Working when you aren't taxed...

Hi, I had a situation where my weary party rested up for a season, they also took on work. However one character worked despite not having been taxed any dice. It felt wrong to not allow this to generate any resources for the player… What I did was have them make the working test (skill used vs Ob 1) and if the Ob was beaten (not met) then they got +1D resources.

I realise this could be abused so what to do, how do you chaps handle this?

I’m thinking I might have the work test have an Ob = Resources and need to be beaten by 1, and only ever give a +1D / work cycle (no matter how much the target was exceeded by) that way it would be harder and harder to get your resources up the higher they got. I also toyed with the idea of doing the above but having the +1D being a one time cash dice (rather than a permanent resource boost)

Any thoughts?

P.S. I’m leaning towards the “exceed an Ob equal to your resources to get 1D cash (no more).”

I think working for a linked test toward Resources is reasonable. It doesn’t seem abusive to me at all. But I’d keep it as a linked test, not a random amount of bonus cash.

The benefit is the bonus die and a test for advancement. The risk is that you live above your means and spend too much of your wages while you’re working.

Cool, thank you very much for the super quick response!

The way Obs work, generally, is that hitting them means you succeed. If you want to make players exceed the Ob, just make the Ob one higher instead for consistency.

I’d also strongly recommend not letting the player increase Resources on the strength of one roll that isn’t Resources. That bypasses the Resource cycle and goes against pretty much all other advancement. And for high skill, low Resource characters it’s far too easy to become comfortably wealthy. A cash die is much better, and it works out like a linked test for a Resources test you haven’t quite decided on yet. Just make sure the failure has consequences with teeth!

Maybe reward them with a linked test, I would not give them +1 to the resources stat. When this happened to my group the ones who failed their resources and went to get work, missed out on practice time.