World Burner Assistant

Hey all,

I’ve recently done a bit of Microsoft Excel hacking, and built a small spreadsheet that summarizes all the World Burner options, tracks Disposition values for each side/phase as appropriate, and adds up the totals automatically. Anyone interested in seeing this, and if so suggestions on where I should post/send it?

Post it to the wiki!

I tried this with a similar worksheet I had a while ago, and I couldn’t get it to work because I didn’t seem to have the right accesses (or am perhaps simply too web-inept to live). Should I just email you the file?

you should send them to Alexander! Because I’m clueless and the BE wiki hates me.

Cool! Uh, who’s Alexander and how do I reach him?

P.S. Wikis hate me too.

When putting up things like sketches and pictures, you’ll want to talk to Thor, Iskander, possibly Stormsweeper, any of the users with a happy little plus sign next to their name indicating they have the POWAH. *

Host the document/image on some sort of hosting site (I like, but you could use Media Fire instead), and post a link to it in a thread… like this one. Direct one of those people to the thread, with a request to post it on the wiki (and also some kind of location for it to be linked to) and then, when they have time… it appears!

Alternatively, you can just create an external link on the wiki to the website that hosts the material. That would work too.

*EXCEPT Luke, who doesn’t know how do it.

Right… I should show you how to add an external link in the wiki.

Ok. Here’s what you do:

First, you put in some open square brackets, also known as the left Bracket.


Ok, next you put in the website address for the hosted bit of stuff, be it picture or document or what have you. I recommend using something like Flickr for the picture, for the document/podcast/whatever-non-photo-dealie.

I recommend the time honored Copy - Paste, because typing the whole thing out will lead to insanity and self inflicted eye gouging.

For example, a link to my Occulus network, sitting in Flickr.


With me so far? Ok, after you paste that mofo in, press the SPACE BAR ONCE. Why? Well, this link needs some kind of name. The space bar, once pressed, tells the wiki that you’re about to type in a name for this link, that will appear when you click on save.

So after that spacebar, type in a brief title. I’m going to go with Occulus network.

[ Occulus Network

Now, the icing on our cupcake. We need to close those square brackets, or it ain’t gonna work. And so we place our second bracket, known as the right bracket. This seals the deal, puts the concluding bread on the top of the sandwich, and puts it to bed.

[ Occulus Network]

And so there we have it. An External Link for the wiki. An excellent stop gap until someone with that glorious plus sign can officially add it.

Syd, you’re back! I missed you, dood.


Welp, it’s on the Internets now. However, I’m not yet sure where it’d best fit on the BE wiki - it’s not a World, it’s not an official download, it’s more of a Play Aid and there’s no place to link those in yet.

So I’ll just stuff the link here. Someone wiser than me can figure out what to host and where. :wink:

Wow, that’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for posting it!


Gyr, you’re the MAN! Thanks.