World Burning for Burning Wheel?

I could have sworn a while back that I found a checklist for burning a world in Burning Wheel, rather than BE (Because most of the things in BE that really matter, don’t, in a fantasy setting…it’s more the minutia…).

Anyone have any idea where that might have stuffed itself?

Forum search…

Check this thread.

I actually did a forum search. About three times. I just figured I was nuts.

Turns out, I am nuts. Cuz there it is. Thanks Bob!

I appreciate the PDF again Bob. I just turned it into Wiki format, as that will be most useful for me. If anyone is interested in snagging it, feel free to copy the code from here:

(I restructured it a bit. Shouldn’t be difficult to put it back if you choose to snick it.)

it’s in the soon-to-be-released Adventure Burner