World Map Following the Instructions

Hi Gang,
Just in Case you didn’t get it the first time, I’m posting a map I won in a competition from Randy M. I asked him to follow the rules in the GM chapter on ‘Prepare Thyself’, and he came up with this masterpiece. I’ve used in many times and always had a blast exploring the world. Look Carefully and you can see the various possible locations, like elfland, dwarven halls and the wizard’s tower.

Hope it can be of use to new GMs to the game. Randy said it was OK to share.

He does some awesome maps that are perfect for Torchbearer too! Check them out.
Randy’s Patreon


Hey noofy!

I just relooked at this map the other day, as I’m preparing to run a game soon. I love the detail, the scale of towers and the majesty of the mountains. So inspiring!

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Thank you so much for sharing and to Randy M. for granting permission!

I’m going to start a TB game soon, first time, and I was exactly looking for a map :heart:


This is the map we at Mordite Press have used for our own campaigns these past years! Randy M did an amazing job with it. Five out of five, would adventure again!


Very cool, thank you for sharing.

amazing map, thank you for sharing

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