Wounded Help and Advancement

Hey, folks, bit of a fiddly question: If I have a B5 Exponent and take a Light Wound, do I hand you 2 helping dice or just 1? I reckon it’s 1.

Relatedly, if I was helping with an Ob 5 test, do I log a Difficult test toward Advancement because I have a B5 in that ability, or do I log a Challenging test because my Wound drops me down to (functionally) B4?

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Hey @Gnosego!

Once you’ve taken the Light Wound (-1D), your skill is (temporarily) B4, so you hand over 1 Helping Dice.

Similarly, if you you are helping an Ob 5 test, and your skill is currently B4 (due to wound penalties), you log a Challenging test.

It can be pretty hard to find those Challenging tests when your skill gets high, so getting your character (punched in the face a couple of times / drunk / wearing a helmet backwards / etc.) beforehand is an excellent way to get such tests!

Have a look at p488 (Wounded Dice), where it describes penalty dice being subtracted.

Also on p488 (Zero Skills), you’ll see that if a skill hits zero, you cannot test it / help with it / FoRK it.

It’s all a handy incentive to go adventuring whilst injured! Sure, you’re sporting that Midi (-2D) wound, but just think of those challenging stat tests you’ll be able to get!

Although, do please note p489 (Zero Stats = Incapacitated). A wounded character is that much closer to getting knocked out, as the moment one of your stats hits zero, you’re down.


Nothin better than you for advancement than getting wounded, it’s one of my favorite parts of burning wheel


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