Wrapping up an awesome campaign!

My Brother moved to London and I work nearby but it’s a short lived arrangement as I will work in Birmingham again very soon. We decided on Mouse Guard because I had the box set to hand on the first week I could visit and that’s when we made characters, Maximouse the Patrol Leader and Poseidon the Tenderpaw.

Session 1 - The scent border concoction required spray from a skunk. The guard unintentionally brought the skunk back to Sprucetuck during the thrilling battle.

Session 2 - The scent border needed distributing. A snake attack diverted the border causing the guard the loss of a natural field of safe heather from the territories. Midnight was seen and captured in this field.

Session 3 - The towns needed to set up a trade agreements but a plague in Dorigift diverted the talks. Weasels were spotted and repelled at the border near Sprucetuck

Session 4 - The weasels sought to attack Dorigift so the patrol sought help from Lockhaven. Rather than reinforcements they ended up with sticks and cloaks to bluff the weasel army away.

Session 5 - The plague cure needed delivery but a shrike attacked the patrol. Upon arrival a Lord had risen in the wake of the dead mayor. The patrol insisted an election be held but Lord Goff evicted the guard from Dorigift.

Session 6 - A drought has left many water rich mice declaring themselves Lords and despising the guard who interfere with town politics.
The patrol needed to rally the guard of the south east towns back to Lockhaven because civil war is on the horizon.

We’ve got three more sessions to wrap it up because real life is kicking in! I will prep as if it’s two and then if we need three we have an extra one.

I’m thinking a war next session because if the Lords wait too long the drought will finish and undermine a major reason for their power. I had to deny a weather watcher test last night because it’s central to the conflict.

If it’s a war do I want the players at the driving seat? I have no problem with it but I think there needs to be more of a reason that other mice aren’t there doing it. I think it’d be awesome to put all those fate and person to use in the biggest stake conflict possible for the very survival of the guard.


I want to bring in Midnight who was captured, but it needs to be positive because Poseidon spent a check to stop Maximouse from killing him. I might say that Midnight hid the black axe before he was caught and by restoring it they can be a symbolic beacon to the righteousness of the guard but they need Midnight to tell them where it is hidden (probably a badger set :p).

I wonder which would make the better session? I might prep for both and see which way it goes.

Maximouse believes that incompetence and aristocracy are the biggest threat to prosperity and safety. In general mayors tend to be a little incompetent and the risen lords are wholly ungrateful.

Poseidon believes that just because an authority has commanded something it doesn’t make it right, there must always be scrutiny. This is a new belief which I need to fully digest.