Writeups of undetailed towns

I’ve started running a PbP over on RPGnet, and thought people might be interested in seeing the brief outlines of the settlements involved in the patrol’s first mission.

Flintrust – small town
The mice of Flintrust have a reputation for being martial, and send many more mice to the guard than would be expected for a town of that size. They normally serve a few years as Guard mice then come home to protect Flintrust and the surrounding settlements.

Note - Building a bit on the paragraph in the book. I’ve also said that potential new guardmice from the other towns around Flintrust gather in Flintrust before travelling onwards together.

Willowroot – town
Constructed amongst the roots of a grove of willow trees, Willowroot is a sprawling, ramshackle settlement. It’s known for its medicines, concocted from the bark and leaves of the trees. It exports wood to Birchflow to be made into paper

Birchflow – small town
This small settlement is built into the rocky banks of a fast-flowing stream, in the shadow of a copse of birch trees. Two great waterwheels provide power for a paper mill, and other manufacturing processes such as pressing apples from Appleloft. Birchflow mice have a reputation as engineers. As well as paper, Birchflow exports a beer made from the sap of the Birch trees.

- Note: Lots of fairly low nature mice here I guess. I just liked the idea of engineering semi-industrialised mice.

– logging camp
Oakgrove isn’t permanently occupied. During the Summer and Autumn it’s inhabited by mice collecting timber for use by the Lillygrove shipyard, but they leave for winter, returning in late spring.

Lillygrove - village
Consisting of a small port, a shipyard and a lookout tower, Lillygrove was named after the first mouse born there after it was originally settled. During the summer and autumn months mice sail between Lillygrove, Shorestone and Mapleharbour, cutting the travel time between the settlement by days.