Writing many Beliefs in Traits

In BE-rulebook we found rules about voting & writing Beliefs/Instincts in Traits - they are really cool, but we also have some problems with that kind of stuff.

Today one of us has completed all of his Beliefs in one conflict (thats not a problem - player who did that is really good in achieving his goals, what is more it was result very nice DoW between his character and my FoN). At the time of DoW he used one Persona point - it means, that he can write Belief in Trait (if we agree with that on vote, of course), but i must ask: is there any rule or limitations in case when player spent 1 Persona/Deed, solve more than one of his Beliefs and want to write more than one Trait as a reward for that?

Or maybe writing is possible only then, when ONE persona/deed point was spent on resolving ONE Belief (1P/D = 1 vote-opportunity)?


Hi Deckard,

Are you talking about the Elevating a Belief rule on page 331? You only turn a Belief into a character trait if the player feels tied to it and the whole group agrees that it should be part of his character. (You also distill the Belief down to a single word or phrase.)

If you’re talking about the Trait Vote rules on 331-332, note that the artha must be spent and the group must nominate and then unanimously confirm a new trait for the character. You may earn multiple traits at the end of a phase, but it should be tough! Don’t go easy on each other.