Xar Qbit, Dashing MurderHobo

Name: Xar Qbit, the Dashing MurderHobo
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Age: 18
Home: Bustling Metropolis
Raiment: Stolen and threadbare finery. A luxuriously teak complexion and a wild black mohawk.
Parents: Meg and Far Qbit, Merchants (Haggler)
Mentor: Brian the Cage (Criminal)
Friend: Gregor (Steward)
Level: 1
Alignment: Chaos
Belief: All things come apart sooner, or later.
Traits: Heart of Battle, Extravagant

  • Will 2
  • Health 5
  • Nature: Human 5 (Boasting, Demanding and Running)
  • Circles 4
  • Resources 0
    Wise: Home Town-wise
    Skills: Fighter 4, Hunter 3, Commander 2, Rider 2, Mentor 2, Pathfinder 3, Haggler 2, Manipulator 2, Criminal 2 (sp)

Hand (worn): Heavy leather duelist’s glove
Hand (carried): Iron Fan (as Shield)
Torso (3): Voluminous cloak, Satchel
Belt (weapon): Cut and Thrust Sword in scabbard
Belt (skin): Ale (full)
Feet: Duelist’s boots

Xar never really fit in. Some would say it’s the trace of orc in his blood, but in his heart Xar just doesn’t want to play by civilization’s rules. He knows those at the top will break the rules, so why shouldn’t he?

His Parents, Meg and Far, are local merchants. They don’t really know what to do with their son, or he them, but there is some honest affection between them. They’d love Xar to take up the family’s shop, but are willing to settle for him making a name for himself somehow. And Xar does want to make them proud, he’s just not wired to do so the way they’d like.

About five years ago Xar got in really deep with local crime and only kept his (and his family’s) skin with the timely assistance of one Brian the Cage, a local dandy and rake. Brian took Xar under his wing, teaching him the skills to pursue his ambition. When he told Xar that he was ready to make his own way, Brain gave him a metal-ribbed parrying fan with his symbol, a sitting raven, on the silk. The two are still on good terms, and like to go out carousing whenever Xar is in town.

Gregor and Xar were close as children. Gregor more lawful inclinations acted as a check on Xar’s more wild tendencies. And Xar gave Gregor an outlet for an underdeveloped sense of adventure. Now, as Xar begins his journey’s into the wider world, Gregor finds himself in demand with wealthy households, where he has shown a keen aptitude for managing other people.

A possible Instinct:

  • No one tells me what to do! (aka No one puts Baby in a corner!)

And my inspirational image, which I put together a few years back:

I like the image. The iron fan is a great touch.

I did notice that he has all four relationships. From the preview, it says you have to answer negative to at least on of the relationship questions.

Haha! Thanks, that’ll show me to get greedy. :wink: I’ll probably just cut his enemy, as that’s the one relationship with the least behind it right now.