Ye Olde Multiple Team Questions

I hope it’s fine to reactivate this thread.

  1. In the above situation, would the Owl get to choose freely which team’s disposition it attempts to reduce with its attack?

  2. Assuming the Owl could target Saxon’s team (Attack against Attack = independent):
    [li]would the successes from Liaem’s team (Attack against Maneuver = versus) reduce the Owl’s number of successes for the purpose of attacking Saxon’s team?
    [/li][li]would the Owl’s successes still reduce the number of successes for the maneuver of Liaem’s team?

For me, the most reasonable handling of this action combination would be to always target the team against whom the dice roll is “versus”. After all, the word “versus” already suggests that these teams target each other. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this as a rule in the book, and earlier posts appear to suggest that the Owl can target whomever it wants…

Actually, thread necromancy is frowned on. The practice is to start a new thread. But to answer the question, the Owl can target either team.