Yes - i did run the Sword (yeah it's one of those threats)


i did run the Sword today - The Rat, the dwarf and the elf.
In the cavern the dwarf went in, the elf waited for traps - when she realised she started to run as did the dwarf. She won.
The rat tried to trip her but failed. Elf and dwarf got into a DoW then and the elf won with a minor compromise (alowing the dwarf to carry the sword out of the cavern). After a few test they closely evaded a tribe of enemy skaven (yes - we went there) and got out. The players then rewrote beliefs and got artha. The elf got quite a lot of it, as did the dwarf. The rat was really unresponsive at first but realised he had to do stuff when he only got 1 point of artha.

The Dwarf wrote a belief of getting an artifact from the elves. The elf wrote something of getting rid of the rat since she couldn’t pay him now so he demanded to stay with the group until he got to be payed.

They traveled to the elven lands and did a bit of searching around. The elf circled up a “helpful elve that would help her pay the rat” i set a high obstacle and then used the enmity clause. It was a “elven friend” local crime boss that invited her in and bought the sword from her for 6 cash dice. It was her decision. Moldbreaker all the way. He tried to poison her but she made her health test.
He later sent two hired thugs against them. They fought against the dwarf and the elf. I used simplified fight rules. Just Strike, Defend, CS and Feint. I went for two rounds and smoother then i expected (there still was a bit of uncertainty on the way). They won with relative ease. Only a light wound for the elf - Brechtanz helped her recover with his herbalism skill.
The rat went into the house of the criminal and searched for the sword. Found it and did run away.

I made him do a survival test because he avoided towns. He failed and i ruled that he left footprints that the other could follow. They did and made the beginners luck roll. After a few rounds the rat got back to the prophet and gained glorious rewards. The other two followed him in and the elf made a distraction while the dwarf made a Ob 6 untrained inconspicous roll. He sneaked in and stole the magic sword from the giant rat fighter Kraaz. It then came to a standoff between the Dwarf that put a sword to Kraaz. The rat that was tasked with retrieving the sword (and orderd archers to flank them (i should have called for a circles test there maybe)). The elf was captured before and sat in a cauldron - ready to be cooked.

To make the story short the rat and his clan won, there really was nothing that the others could have done. (I later realized that Brechtanz could have made a circles test to make a dwarf patrol apear).

In the end the rat player was really happy with the system and wanted to play again. The dwarf player was really unhappy because i thought there where to many skills and he really really didn’t like the PvP aspect. My GF that played the elf wasn’t happy either because it was a too crunshy system for her. I had fun and everything went better than i expected. Everybody really LIKED the DoW.

Good for you. The PvP aspect is something that shows up much stronger in the Sword than it does in, say, a campaign. Most of the time, there’s a recognizable party. You can still have inter-player conflict, in fact it’s a lot of fun, but it usually hinges on the means of going about the shared goal, or about priorities (“We need to go to the monastery first.”)

There’s an out-of-character agreement not to let things boil over too far, because that short-circuits the campaign. Wholly incompatible goals can result on death on the launch pad. At particularly dramatic moments it can still be awesome, though; sometimes it’s worth spending a character for the sake of the story.

Hi Praion,
The Sword exists merely to demo how Beliefs and versus tests create the story.

Try playing out Thelon’s Rift with the same players (and same characters, if possible).


Don’t call it a prequel. It implies forgone conclusion.

It’s Thelon’s Rift. Everyone dies.

I can’t get Telons Sword without the Adventure Burner can i? Damn Luke, you should stop daring me to buy your products…

Oh well! We’re all too late. It’s out of print.

I probarly could get one from a webstore in germany but still…