Yet Another Nature Hack

Instead of “Sinner” do it like Burning Wheel: by race

Humans have Faith, Elves have Grief, Dwarves have Greed.

Isn’t that how it already is?
Like Nature(owl) ?

Some people like divergent natures in party, others object strenuously.

The thing is, MG Nature (Mouse) is counter to good “brave adventurer”-ing, while BW emotionals are, until they take you out of play, useful for adventuring.

Heya, DiceMonkey. As I noted here, it works for everyone but Humans. Humans are a pain in the arse to hack Nature descriptors for. That said, Grief for Elves, Greed for Dwarves and Hatred for Orcs would work quite well, I think.

Didn’t check the other thread but…I think the only stumbling block to doing a Nature(human) is that you’d necessarily be editorializing about your own race! Like, a game with Nature (human) that had things like “for following orders, self-indulgence, conspicuously consuming and destroying the environment” would be way different than a Nature(human) with stuff like “for chasing ambition, self-sacrifice, protecting communities and forging relationships.”

We may just be too close to the subject matter. But I think either of the lists above would produce a perfectly fine Nature(human) in play.

For laffs and some clearer cultural differentiation, you could also do like…

Nature (French) – cooking, cowardice, bitching about America, smoking, cheese-making
Nature (Chinese) – Communism, stealing intellectual property, laundry, cooking, railroad construction
Nature (American) – eating, starting wars, isolationism, succumbing to marketing

…and so on.

I’ve found that escaping, climbing, hiding and foraging are not, in fact, counter to brave adventuring - they’re all actually rather useful auxiliary supporting functions in many good adventures. Especially when considering the fact that you’re always a single Twist or Obstacle or Conflict away from being pushed right back into the adventure, whatever it may be.

Nature is definitely a brilliant mechanic, but I don’t think it’s as esoteric and fragile as it’s been made out to be.

I don’t think the Chinese should have 5 aspects. That would be unfair.