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Hello all! I just joined the forum, so apologies if I picked the wrong topic.
I have a YouTube channel where I talk about things (mainly books), and I did a generic video about Burning Wheel awhile ago where I just explained the concept. Its one of my more popular videos, so I wanted to do a more indepth video where I walk through character creation. I want to show my copy of the PDF on screen, but I think I need permission first. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Luke Crane or anyone else that represents the company?

(If you’re curious about my channel, here’s a link to it:

What PDF do you have? I don’t think there have been up-to-date PDFs of Burning Wheel available (legitimately) for a few editions…

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It very well may be out of date, but I believe the copyright would still hold up. Which is why I need to get permission to use it in my video. I’ve been trying to find contact info for Luke Crane, but I can’t.

He’s real active on the forums; I’m sure he’ll be by sooner or later.

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He (or someone else from bwhq) will probably respond to this in good time.

There’s an unofficial version of the character sheet around, I’m not sure if that solves the problem. We’ve been using them to play with for years now.

I think it’s probably also okay to show the character sheet, I believe it’s been used and shown in some actual plays. Though as Gnosego said, he’ll probably respond sooner or later.

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I have permission from Roll20 to show their version of the character sheet in my video. My friends and I use Roll20 for our games, so I have lots of completed characters I can show.
I’d like to show how the lifepaths look in the books.

I’m glad to hear that he’s active in the forums, and I’m more than willing to be patient.

Sure, you have my permission to make a video about character burning. While there is no official PDF of BW available, you have permission to use whatever pages you need to.


Great, thank you!!

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