Zepher Winds (Larkins Spell Book)

“Oh Zepher Winds Which Blow On High, Lift Me Now So I May Fly!”

Zepher Winds: Ob 4^, 4 Actions
Origin: Presence (0^, 1 action)
Area of Effect: Caster
Element: Air (2^, 4 actions)
Impetus: Control (5^, 16 actions)
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 16

Meeting the obstacle allows the caster to fly, moving through the air at the same speed he would on the ground.
His maximum altitude is his current Will in Paces. Extra successes may be used to increase altitude (+1 Pace per allocated success), Movement (+1 Stride per allocated success), or Positioning (+1 Speed per Allocated success) and any combination of these.

1st Distillation:
Personal/Caster (0^, 1 actions)
2nd Distillation:
Air/Control (4^, 10 actions)
Added with Sustained (6^, 13 actions)
3rd Distillation: (3^, 7 actions)
Compression: 4^, 4 actions
Finalized Spell: 4^, 4 actions

(Inspired by an old Saturday morning kids tv show)

Is the caster’s Stride equal to their normal stride, their normal Will, or some other number?

Do successes have to be allocated straight away? Even if so, it seems the option of putting your successes into Positioning rather than movement is often more attractive, unless you plan on getting into a footchase.

Normal Stride (moving through the air at the same speed he would on the ground).
Yes, straight away.
I guess it all depends on why you cast it (intent and task).