Zombie Monstrosity

I had a bunch of https://www.burningwheel.com/forum/showthread.php?13472 Sean Nitter’s zombies. Some were led by:

Zombie Monstrosity
This zombie has at least 3 legs, at least 5 arms, and at least 4 heads. Improbably, it is more robust than a regular zombie.
Might: 3
Nature (Undead): 4
Nature Descriptors: Devouring, Lumbering, Following Orders
Dispositions: Drive Off 7, Kill 6, Flee 3. All others: Nature Roll + Nature.
Fight Weapons: Claw and Bite (Zombies do not suffer the -1d penalty for fighting unarmed)
Flee Weapons: Mindless persistence (-1d Attack, +1s to Defend)
Instinct: Murder those who do not belong here.
Special: All piercing weapons are -1s to Attack and Feint when used against Zombies.
Special: Undead - Zombies are non-intelligent undead, they cannot be Tricked or Riddled with, nor engaged in a Convince conflict. They are vulnerable to being turned by Clerics however. If Cleric brandishes his holy symbol in a drive off conflict it +1s on attack actions. In a Kill conflict it is +1d on attack.
Special: Slow - Zombies always choose attack for the first action of every exchange. This is revealed to the players before they script.
Armor: 3x helmets “didn’t need that part”

(they dispatched it by ‘Turn Undead’ plus careful exit blocking so it fell down a pit, but this is what its stats would have been… grr)