Another microampaign

During the Covid-19 outbreak I started another microcampaign using a hacked, lite version of BE (My older attempts are here and there.)

This time I am playing online with a different group of players. The campaign is set in a fairly mundane Nordic fantasy setting, the players are playing as nobles rebelling against the current status quo. Its the dark version of the movie Braveheart. The rebels are based on 90s era black metal fans as we really were back in the old days :slight_smile: The players vouched for this crazy stupid campaign concept.

Right now we are over our two sessions. In the first they got very frustrated but fortunately during the 2nd session the BE mindset clicked for them and they said that it was one of the most intense roleplaying experience in their lifes! I feel they will kick my ass in the 3rd sessions and the whole setting is gonna turn into a bloody civil war in the Invasion phase.

If you have any specific questions or interests, Iā€™m ready to answer them!

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