Are there any digital versions of BWG available?

Hi all. I am trying to run my first game with Burning Wheel and over the weekend it took a group of three of us several hours to make characters. Granted it was our first run-through and I wanted to explain how things worked, so the extra time involved was expected.

Currently I have several handouts printed duplex and laminated (Fight! and DoW, etc.) but what I really want is a digital version of BWG so I can print out the traits and skills section so we don’t have to keep passing around the book I have.

Is this available?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Paraphrase from Luke (interviewed on The Walking Eye IIRC): “All of my other games have digital editions. I have nothing against digital RPGs, but Burning Wheel is meant to be experienced as a book.”

There should be a Sticky on this.

Guess I need to type them myself. :\

The first 90 pages are available in PDF.
Just not the rest of them.

You could always buy another copy of the book. I hear they’re very cheap. :slight_smile:

Yeah. About to pull the trigger on a couple more copies I think.

I’m starting a campaign, and I have recommended that my players pick up the book. It’s just so handy for everyone to have their own copy. Also, Burning Wheel really, really rewards system mastery. The more intimately your players know the game, the more fun they will derive from it.

If you order through the website (redirects me to is there anyway to get three copies overnighted or two-day through UPS or FedEx?

I really hate USPS and they almost always mishandle/destroy anything delivered to my house, everything from my RuneQuest game kit to two 2 TB hard drives.

We only ship USPS priority mail through the website.
We might be able to do special consideration if you email us. No promises though!

Thanks. I used the Contact Us form.


This is very frustrating, all my RPG books are in pdf format.

I am very reluctant to buy just this one because it was “meant to be experienced as a book.” Thank god it wasn’t “meant to be experienced as a clay tablet” or “meant to be experienced in the oral tradition.” :stuck_out_tongue:

No one is forcing you to buy any book, tablet or oral tradition you don’t want.

I understand that you can publish however you like and that I am free to buy what you offer or not.

At the same time, you have a public forum presumably for customer feedback. This (potential) customer’s feedback is that I would have already bought your product if I could have gotten it in pdf format.

Mouse Guard and Burning Empires are both available as PDFs. They’re both great games. I hope you’ll give them a look.

Thanks for directing me to those, I think Mouse Guard might work for me.

Luke, your next RPG should be made available exclusively via oral tradition. Charge people for your presence. Hope they remember the product. Genius!

That would actually be a neat mechanic for a game about sagas or epic poems. You form your character by recounting their deeds. You could institute a flyting mechanic, where someone can challenge your character creation, and you’re forced to flesh it out more or let it go!

I think that game has rather famously been made.

Close! But that has an official printed version. I want an RPG that isn’t actually published. You teach it to, say, five people, and then they each go teach it to 5 people, and so forth. The rules will change depending on who remembers what and how well. Or different GM’s will have to come up with different mechanics to fit their specific situations.

EDIT: Though that does sound like a bad-ass story game, and now I wonder why I don’t own it.