Working on a dwarf for an upcoming campaign and I’m going to give him Avarice. His starting Greed would normally be B6, but I can make that whatever I want so long as it’s higher than it would have been (I’m thinking B8).

What if I take my B6, shift it to G1, then crank that up with Avarice?

Seems a bit too powerful, but starting with a high gray-shade Greed could be really awesome.

Or going the other way, what if I use avarice to set my Greed at B9 then shift it to G4?

Be aware that high Greed dwarves in play, unless they want to lock themselves in their vault very quickly, tend to be very honorable and selfless. They can’t afford to make any missteps when it comes to Greed.

Also, I’m not sure the intent with Avarice was to allow you to shade-shift your Greed.




As a GM, I’d probably laugh, commend you for being clever, and then tell you to go stuff it.

But I can see how you can make a case for interpreting the trait like that. I’d say it depends on how well you pitch it and how it enhances your character concept. Since Gray means that the ability has somehow transcended mortal boundaries, you have to come up with a way to explain your extraordinary Greed.

A dwarf who is just Greedy would have a high exponent - a dwarf with a Gray greed has an almost unnatural drive and passion to get what he wants.

High exponent means that you are often greedy. Shade means that when you want something, you fucking want it.

Generally we have vetoed any shade shifting of attributes unless they would be above 10 (or maybe 8 for Greed/Grief).

Also, I think the only thing Gray Greed does for you is make your steel test obstacles higher.

You wouldn’t add Gray dice when you Fuel the Fires?

Hm, I suppose not, actually. All dice are the shade of the ability being tested, right? Or is there an exception made for those futzy Emotional Attributes?

Oh I’m 100% okay with burning out in a blaze of greed-fueled glory. I’m not sure if that’s the direction things’ll go, though. Mostly I’m just interested in seeing how it plays out starting with a B7 or B8 Greed.

If I had to guess I’d see something more like: 1) start out play being greedy as fuck, 2) start earning greed tests, 3) start re-thinking my life choices 4) eventually give in and earn that final greed test in a moment of pure awesome.