Benefit of connecting Powerpack weapons to Iron?

I can’t see why you’d do this, from the rules. As far as I can tell, powerpack weapons already have packs, right? So if you use that pack, and fail an ammo check, and shoot anyway, and burn it out, the weapon’s down. If instead, you connect it to your iron, and burn the pack out, the iron’s dead, and so are you as soon as they can get over to you with a can opener.

I must be missing something. Is there an advantage to connecting weapons to iron that I’m not seeing?

(As you can see, I’m on my second read-through and looking to justify my Fetishist trait)

Well, I haven’t got the PDF, but Iron has it’s own fusion pack, so while weapon powerpacks are more like big batteries, iron has small suns. Harder to burn out.

Alexander is both right and wrong. You can still fry your armor’s circuitry, fusion or no.

You don’t have to use your Iron’s fusion core, but it’s there for you and very convenient. Also, flip the situation around: no one in iron pushes their weapons. It’s too risky.


Okay, cool. So what happens when someone spends a Fate point to force a check at the end of Volley 1, and you have Direct Fire scripted for Volley 2? Can you drop out while the rest of the unit fires, can you choose between shooting and hesitating for the volley (for your unit, that is), or do you shoot and burn out automatically?

My understanding is that normally, this isn’t an issue because you check before you script, so if you need to Observe or Take Cover for a volley while you reload, that’s no big deal. But when you spend Fate, it explicitly says you call the check in the middle of an exchange.

Check the Ammo Check Obs. They address this. I don’t have them in front of me at the moment.


related question. Power packs run out of ammo represents them basically running down a bit faster than they are auto recharging or somthing, just missing a beat in the firing is I believe how it is covered in the rules (or overheating)

So a character with a secondary weapon has his main power pack weapon fail an ammo check, he then switches to his secondary weapon…but the rules state his main weapon remains ‘unloaded’

Does that rule apply to power pack/capacitor weapons, or does the ‘remains unloaded’ only apply to single shot, cylinder, magazine, and case.

Imagine he’s got to fiddle with it or reset it after it overheats.