Book 4: Addendum (Monster Burner leftovers, Gears, Scenarios, Characters, Bestiary, etc...) Survey


Here’s an idea: Having a BOOK 4 in the Burning Wheel serie an ADDENDUM.

The Codex left me a little cold; it’s a great book that covers a lot but lacked space to cover it all, and most of the great stuff has been left over…Like the whole method to the madness from the Monster Burner.

For the avid Burners like myself and many others, we use the Monster Burner a LOT. From page 13 to 105 meaning the whole Monster Burner section of the book (monstrous mechancis, stat burner, 100 questions, shade burner, skill burner, lifepath burner, etc.) are a bunch of amazing design mechanics that allow for burning everything we need to create our own worlds but it’s not BWG adapted; it’s managable but since the Codex did that with everything else, why not do it for the Monster Burner leftovers?

Book 4: Addendum could provide:

1- The Monster Burner (monstrous mechancis, stat burner, 100 questions, shade burner, skill burner, lifepath burner, etc.);
2- A BWG adapted bestiary;
3- A Burning Gears set of rules for BWG;
4- Pre-written scenarios (fans could get involved);
5- BWG adapted pre-gen characters and mounts (fans could get involved);
6- A BWG adapted Bestiary;
7- BWG adapted Gears, Treasures, Magic items, Items, Artefacts, etc.

Personally, this is what I feel is missing in BWG and Codex; it would be amazing to have some tools to create our own stuff like that adapted to BWG edition.

What do you all think about that?

I’m sure lots of fans would like to help in any way possible me first; I’d be willing to burn list and list of stuff to fill up the pages of such a project, playtesting it and all…

Please share and let me know what you guys think!




I’d love it!

I’d have the same problem of coming in UK/US to purchase this goodness, but it’d be another story.

Why book 4? I only know BWG and Codex, what I’m missing? Is Monster Burner a separate book from Codex? (I only read BWG so far)


Usually that is why I use this forum. I hope the section will come online where we can share our creations again. The guidlines in BWG and the Codex serve my purpouse at the moment, the monster burner still is a great source of inspiration. But most of my burns are inspired by the players believes and situation needs. That said… Hell yeah I would buy that! please take my money!

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The BWG is both book 1 and 2; you can see it on the side, therefore Codex is book 3.


BWG is considered Books 1 & 2 since it contains the rules themselves and the character burner, which were separate volumes in Classic and Revised. The Codex is Book 3 in Gold Edition. It’s a tad confusing if you’re not familiar with the earlier editions, but I believe that’s what’s printed on the spines as well.

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Thank you guys, I was worried I missed something!

Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this on the official forums, but then again maybe this is a testament to why a Book 4 might be good. I don’t own a legal copy of the MB, but you’re right, it’s very useful. So useful in fact, that I went to my library to print and bind pages 14-104 with a custom cover.

Honestly even just an official PDF release of this old material would be worth it, and I’d happily buy it to pay recompense.

That said, if a full official printed Book 4 were released I’d want to see some major changes too. The Monster Burner is great as is, but it’s also a bit of a mess. And although I love the guidance in there on using the ‘language of traits’ to show how monsters differ from men, it also means that the more a monster deviates from that ‘human template’ the more bloated it gets with niche traits.

I’m also not convinced that the traits pricing system is properly balanced. ‘Affinity for …’ traits seems like a perfect example: 4 trait points to get +1D to a thing, when a call-on would be clearly superior for half the price. And +1D can just as easily (and much cheaper) be added with an appropriate Wise as a FoRK.

I’m honestly not sure what the fix to all this is though.

I can’t speak for Luke, obviously, but I do faintly recall a QnA he did on reddit a while back where someone asked him about the monster burner and he said he was never quite happy with it.


Also, what is Burning Gears?

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This is an awesome response thank you very much; I’m glad to see that this idea is progressing among the Burning community.

What I meant with burning gears is a quick set of rules and guidelines on how to burn/create artefacts, weapons, magic items , armor, tools, etc. I feel like it could be useful sometimes as it is very minimalist in the current set of rules provided by BWG.

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Yes, a monster burner and a gear burner. Take my money :grinning:

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For such a compendium to be one day published—be it indeed as a Book 4, supplemental PDF, or even plaintext crudity—would make a great many of us so very happy :blush:


I’m coming over from Torchbearer and I gotta say, the Mordite Monday blog posts by Lord Mordeth provide a lot of these sorts of things for TB.

They were essential in getting me up to speed and comfortable enough to roll my own stuff really quickly. I’m sad to see that there isn’t really an equivalent (that I’ve found) for Burning Wheel.


Alls they need is someone foolish enough to do a weekly blog…

(don’t do it)


Yea, your blog posts REALLY helped me get into Torchbearer. Our campaign has converted to Burning Wheel, but I still read the Mordite Mondays since the advice is often easily translatable.

You really are doing a great service to the BWHQ games lineup!


A blog ey…?

I will always spend my money on these beautifully made books…


Please take my money Burning Wheel HQ


Challenge accepted. winces

Gear burner?

A gear burner sounds dope, cool stuff to find, magic and mundane


Also thinking about rules things for a Book 4:

Mass Combat System - while the story may be personal people get swept up in the world events and huge battles
Down Time for GM or Keeping the World moving - maybe some advise and rules for quick running organisations and kingdoms in big gaps of time for making changes to them so the world still seems dynamic.
Trait Burner - Some advice for customising traits for the world and how to apply those to setting manipulated versions of a career.

Anyway just my two cents