Book 4: Addendum (Monster Burner leftovers, Gears, Scenarios, Characters, Bestiary, etc...) Survey

Mass Combat System - while the story may be personal people get swept up in the world events and huge battles

Not official (of course) but I have made a mass combat system based on DoW, if you’re interested @thecodex101

I’ve not been on these forums for a while, as I’ve been busy with life and other things. But I’ve got some upcoming free time. Was glad to see this thread hasn’t been locked yet. That means there’s probably still quite a high interest in something like this.

I can’t make anything close to a true “BOOK 4”, but since I’ve now been hacking BW for a few years now, I might be able to put something shorter together that offers up some of the advice and wisdom that I’ve garnered; as a resource for others who want to hack, make new monsters, traits, modules, etc.

If I were to do something like this, what format would be best suited do you think? A blog, podcast, pdf / zine, youtube videos, or other?

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