Boxed Set Coming?

Is this on the level?



Another reference:

(I googled ‘DIA 429750’)


Looks like it’s probably legit.

Will we be able to order it through BWHQ?

And, are there any plans to release a product with all the cool extra stuff for people who already own a copy of the rulebook. I would find all of that extra stuff handy (particularly the GM screen and Action Card decks), but I already own 3 copies of the core rulebook.

I hope so! I will give money for this.

From Storygames:
Luke Wheel Nov 26th 2009 whisperquote# 11

One 9x12" box with full-color wrap
One 150-page full-color rulebook (one-color cover)
Four loose sample sheets
Pad of 20 full-color character sheets
Five challenge decks (45 cards each)
One tech deck (20 cards)
20 hazard chips
5 attaboy chips

and another one

One 11x11 square box
One 320 page soft-cover full-color rulebook
One oversized cloth map
six plastic mouse map markers
one weasel map marker
20 custom dice
Pad of 20 full-color character sheets
Four loose sample characters"

Oh goody.

Now that “joke thread” about Warhammer 3rd Editioning a BW game not soo far out there!

And I say that in a good way, I think visual representations and tangible guides to rules are a great thing (as long as no powerpoint is involved).

I just hope the character sheets are square.


… and hopefully less bland than the current sheets.

Clearly BWHQ has gone boxed set crazy, which I fully support as there are not enough boxed sets anymore so I am all over this.

Bland? Dude, those sheets are awesome! They crammed almost every rule you need to play on 2 sheets.

  • Colin

… that’s what makes them bland! (c8=

No doubt having the rules on the sheets is cool for new players - but, personally, I’d prefer if the “crib-notes/cheat-sheet” was separate from the character sheet.

I know the following is completely useless effectively - seeing as the sheets are likely already designed (and anyhow nobody ever likes any of my ideas anyways… <grin>); but here goes:

  • make the sheets square (same dimensions as the book)

  • make the char sheet separate from the rules-overview-and-script-sheet (which can then be laminated if desired)

  • on the back of the char sheet, add more roleplaying info - such as alot of that stuff from Recruitment

  • on the back of the rules-overview-and-script-sheet, add condensed and abbreviated blocks for your character’s primary relations (both parents, senior artisan, mentor, friend, enemy)

One persons bland is anothers awesome sheet, anyway back to the awesome that is the possible boxed sets…

Mouse and Weasel markers! I don’t see those on the troll and toad link. I hope they made the final cut as those sound freaking sweet.

  • Colin

Crazy news. (And yes, I love the current sheets, I think they’re awesome for new players.)




I’m all in! Even if the dice aren’t included.

The first set is the content of the Freemarket boxed set.

  • Colin

I’d be happy to have a second rulebook. When it was brought to my attention recently that the first run was out of print, I got worried I might never see another copy.

I would actually like a softcover version of the rulebook for reference during play. Plus it would add a little less weight to the box. I do like reading the hardcover, but quick flipping would be nice with soft.

But the hardcover lays flat!

I usually don’t have the book open that long during play. Just long enough to check factors or a rule.

There’s always one and this time it’s me.

I like the additional materials but already have the rulebook. Having to pay for it again is off putting to me. Any chance of the extra stuff being released separately later on?

My 10-year nephew loves the MG books, and I was seriously considering bringing him over to the Dark Side by buying him the MGRPG from Christmas, however, a box set would be far, far better. I’d buy it.

Petersen just confirmed recently on his Twitter. Yahoo, now I’ll have an excuse to start playing again. And it looks like they’ll have a new version of the book with errata fixed. Geeking out here.