What technological traits would be required for a bug (surveillance device)? If the device had Tools: Signals and an Automation: Signals, would it be able to transmit information from its location, or would that require an Observation or Perception score as well?

Depends on if it’s tools for some one else – a passive device – or if it’s an autonomous system – using it’s own skills.

That’s what I figured. If it was a “your phone is bugged”-type bug- drop it off and leave it, and it collects the information and possibly transmits it to a nearby receiver- it would require either Perception or Observation?

I’m currently considering the following limitations, also: limited storage/power: any Signals roll made that come up with 0 successes render it useless until recharged (either due to the memory being full or it not having power enough to transmit), limited range (receiver must be within a given range to receive the signal), limited spectrum (can collect either sound or visual data, chosen at purchase).

Observation or Signals, I think.