Burning Con 2023

This is not an announcement per se, but a poll to gauge interest.
I’m mulling hosting a Burning Con in the February of 2023.
Rather than in NYC, this time we’d find an off-season lodge in the NY/NJ countryside and book it out. The event would run from Friday to Sunday evening.

For those who missed out, Burning Cons were weekend-long events where we played BWHQ games (and at some iterations, games designed by friends of BWHQ).

Past Burning Cons have been structured like so: party on Friday night, three game sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday (plus an afterparty on Sunday, for folks who were still in town). We also required that everyone GMed (and we added a beginner’s track at the final installment).

I would structure this iteration similarly, though I would make myself and Thor available for talks and Q&As—probably over breakfast. And I would remove the GM requirement and the old priority system, and just let this one be more relaxed and self-organized.

Playable games list:

  1. Burning Wheel (any edition!)
  2. Burning Empires
  3. Mouse Guard
  4. FreeMarket
  5. Torchbearer
  6. Inheritance
  7. The Gift (playtest mode)
  8. and Miseries & Misfortunes

Am I forgetting anything? That seems like enough to fill a weekend, right?

We will charge a reasonable admission fee to help cover expenses (we usually spent any excess on food and drink for y’all). And you will be responsible for covering your transportation and lodging.

Help us gauge interest for this!
Even a “Not for me” is useful information.

  • I’m in.
  • Maybe, depending on life-stuff.
  • Maybe, but first I have questions.
  • Not for me.

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And if you have questions, please do ask here or write to burningwheel@burningwheel.com if you don’t want to post publicly.


Does the “playtest mode” of The Gift imply a reworking of the scenario into something standalone like Inheritance?


Of course right after I buy tickets to go skiing in Wyoming mid-February :weary:

Likely out but am excited to see where this goes.

I would love to attend but I live on the other side of the world.


Yes, it’s already in its second or third iteration.


Seems cool.

It’s been an age since I facilitated Inheritance.


Welcome to the forums, Adam!

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Figured I might poke around a little, say hello to my fellow Wheel-sworn fools.


Rock and roll! It’s good to have ya!

That’s my same situation. Exatly 12 hours apart at the moment.

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Heck yeah! I was at the first 3, so definitely sign me up!


There’s a convention I already go to in Morristown NJ in Mid-February. Otherwise I’d certainly look into this.

I will gladly abandon my wife and children to attend this event.


Would have loved to join if I didn’t already have two weddings to attend in February. You can count me in if the date gets pushed back.

Are we a “Go” yet on this? :slight_smile:

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Trying to find a spot.


Any news? I am anxious about making sure I don’t plan any events which might get in the way. :slight_smile:

Our intent is there but the dates are slipping. We’ll have to push back a month or so. We’re struggling to find a spot!

Hi there - I picked up the Torchbearer box set at Pax Unplugged and have been avidly reading through the books. I plan on GM’ing a game starting around April. I would love to spend a day at Burning Con to learn from GM’s and play the game a bit before I get started myself. I’m in NJ, so really look forward to hearing details as they come available!


How many people do we think will attend? Maybe we can ask the peanut gallery here if they can help find a venue? I would really love to see this Burning Con happen! :slight_smile: