Burning Tech in bulk

Me again! I’m on a roll with questions this month…

If a character wants to arm a group of people, is there a way to do it without burning each piece of tech individually? Two scenarios -

  1. Playing someone with connections to a faction and you want to arm a significant number of people in that faction to give them a physical means of achieving their goals… specifically leading to a Firefight where the faction members will be defending themselves. Would the appropriate resolution be to make one Tech Resources roll for each standard piece of equipment you want the faction members to have, and then apply Let it Ride to provide it to everyone? Presumably with an Obstacle penalty based on the number of people you’re trying to equip.

  2. You Circle up a unit of bodyguards and want to equip them. Would they just buy their starting tech as per character burning, or would you need to make a Tech Resources roll for their equipment?


I don’t have the book on me but I think if you look at traits like Anvil Lord and such, then I’m pretty sure it talks about the equipment they get to start with. Extrapolating, I think specialists should probably come with standardish equipment, at minimum the GM can Say Yes to whatever makes reasonable sense.

Exotic stuff should probably require one roll with an upped Ob for the mass quantities.

I’m probably wrong those; someone with the book should point you in the right direction.

If you circle up a thug, he has a beatin’ stick. If you circle up a painter, he has a paintbrush. Don’t sweat it.

Now, if you want thugs with exotic Kerrn sedatives, you need to either a) circle up an elite black-ops squad, or b) burn up some sedatives.

If you really are buying a ton of stuff in bulk, check Urci Fox’s informative commentary on page 359 in the resources section.