Burning Wheel Anthology 2021

2021’s Summer Secret Surprise has transformed into a Fall not-so-secret release. But the BW Anthology 2021 is (at last) coming soon! My hope is to have a handful of copies with me at Gen Con and the to do a general preorder in late September.


This is dope!

I’m really looking forward to the revised Working Quickly rules.

The LP Burner is also enticing.

The new Working Quickly and Treatment & Injury stuff are the real silent workhorses in this bunch. They open up a lot of space with little to no additional complexity.


Very cool. I’m a little nervous about Working Quickly. I like that Burning Wheel has mechanics grounded in time, like the guidelines for the time needed to make various tests and Working Quickly. I feel like they’re immersive and under-appreciated. So I’m hoping the new rules don’t trade off that feeling too much.

No way. I am of the Gygaxian school of “You should track your campaign’s events on a calendar.” Or whatever the old coot said.

These rules are a just a simple tweak that make the process both more consequential and easier to track.


“You cannot have a meaningful campaign if strict time records are not kept.”? Aces.

:ok_hand: Really looking forward to it.

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Any hints about what some of these major changes are? “Circles 2006” is such a tantalizing heading…

I believe that TOC is a major hint…
But Circles 2006 is just the Circles table from Burning Empires. It has a slightly different flavor than the one we implemented for Gold, so I thought it’d be interesting to release it and let you choose which to use.


Is this supplement going to be available in PDF format?

That was my intention, but now you’re giving me second thoughts.


Very exciting! Looking forward to see how the new systems have evolved since the last sneak peek.


While a pdf would certainly save on shipping costs to the EU, I do enjoy a physical product. I’m just excited about getting this, whatever the format you feel comfortable providing this in.


Mr. Crane, I am thrilled to hear this news! Thank you so much for continuing to work on your masterpiece which everyone loves so much!

I eagerly await the announcement of the preorders.


I am sincerely very excited that you’re considering a PDF version of this. I’ll be buying the physical copy as well, but the PDF tends to be somewhat easier for quick reference for me during a game.


Wow. Definitely what most arouses my curiosity is “Treatment & Injury”.

By the way, will it have any new art?

No new art. We have no money and every artist we work with or want to work with is booked.
Some reprints of some rare stuff though.


Sent 40 test copies to print, to be shipped direct to Indianapolis.
I’ll also have maybe 10 copies of the TB Scavenger’s Supplement with me.
And should have a few copies of the new TB stuff.


That’s exciting!

Are you able to extrapolate at all on the Lifepath Burner? I’m thinking about making some new lifepaths for the first time and am curious if this burner would help me.

Yes, it will help you.