Buying off Limitations

Can you buy Limitations off already existing technology? And if so, how much does it cost?

We were unable to find rules discussing this in-game last night, but I thought it was a reasonable thing to do, so we set the cost equal to the amount of points the Limitation gave you.

Can’t buy them off, but you can add additional technology traits that counter balance them.


Is there a functional difference? Just curious. I mean, I’m pretty sure I get why’s and the whatfor’s of say, quiescent in BW, but then again, you can vote traits off post-character creation in BW.


Color maybe :?:

Depending on the item, you could also re-burn without the limitation. For instance if your Mannerheim Mk II Orbital Defensive Array has the flaw that the fusors and crew are all in the same hull containment and so during continous firing an unpleasant haze of ozone forms in the breathing air, causing a +1Ob penalty to Suppressive Fire, you could start working on the Mannerheim Mk III, in which the armor surrounds guns and crew, but the guns are outside the air-hull. Costs more, but what you gonna do?