BWG and Monster burner

hey all, So I started with BWG and never tried the revised edition of burning wheel. I have how ever purchased Monster burner and Magic burner. I was wondering how people have been modifying the information in monster/magic burner in order to mage it playable in BWG. For instance, The creatures in the monster burner do not have a reflexes stat as far as i can tell. IS there a stat that people are transferring into reflexes that was used in earlier editions? Also, in magic burner, i see some of the listed magic weapons have weapon speeds like “fast”. how have people transferred this into the numeric system of bwg? Im sure the answers to these are easy, but as i dont know the mechanics of the older editions, i want to make sure my “updates” are logical and not messing around too much with the game.

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I recently got a copy of the Monster Burner and, like you, had never played Revised. To answer your question on reflexes, I’m pretty sure that’s a derived attribute from your basic stats, so if it’s not there you can just do the math to figure it out. The question I had was between speed modifier and stride, and I found on the forums (and in play) that a good rule of thumb is to double the modifier. For example, a human’s speed modifier in Revised was x3.5 (I think) and their Stride is simply 7 in BWG.

As far as weapon speed, I would just find something comparable from the weapon list in the BWG appendices. If it’s enchanted to be faster or whatever, you can probably just make the tweaks to you best judgement. Weapon speed is important, but I don’t think messing it up will necessarily be game-breaking and as long as you’re smart and use some common sense you’ll be fine.

Reflexes has been a part of the game since the BW Classic days, so the monsters definitely have a Reflexes stat. Otherwise, Adam’s advice is great. If you have questions about updating a particular monster, we’d be happy to help!

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Reflexes should be abbreviated as “Ref” in all the monster stat blocks on the Attributes line along with Resources (Res), Circles (Cir), Health (Hea), Steel (Ste), and Hesitation (Hes).

There were only 3 weapon speeds in BWR - Unwieldy (e.g. large hammers), Slow (e.g. maces and swords), and Fast (e.g. daggers and spears). You can probably use WS 1/2/4 for those that don’t have an obvious weapon equivalent.

Awesome, thanks for your advice everyone.