BWG GM Screen

I’ve started work on a Burning Wheel GM Screen, updated to Gold rules. I am not finished it yet, but the first two pages are now available for download on my website: CLICK ME, I’M A LINK!

What has changed in Gold from the original GM screen on the wiki? So far:
[li]Practice Times

Note that Steel is missing on page 2. I wanted to add in extra space in the Resources table, so that custom Obs can be written in. I will try and see if I can compress page 2 enough to fit Steel in on an alternate version, but dunno if there’ll be enough room or not.

Also note that the Test Difficulty table at the bottom of page 1 is formatted a bit differently than usual. On this table, the Obstacles are along the top, with dice rolled being in the middle. I find this is a more intuitive method for use by a GM. I will include the regular version in an alternate download in the future. Perhaps even the boxy grid from the original sheet in place of the special rules table. We’ll see.

The version I am personally using has a 3 centimeter margin at the top, so that pages can be arranged on a clipboard. I don’t use a screen at my table, but the cheat sheets are still useful. I will make a clipboard-friendly version available in the future as well.

Enjoy! More to come eventually! Happy new year!

looks good and will be very helpful ! keep up the good work !

Thanks for compliment and the encouragement. Always appreciated!

Looks really useful. Snagging this.

Definitely using this, thanks! Looking forward to any other cheatsheet/gm pages you do.

Very, very nice!

Very nice, much appreciated!

I must admit I used the GM screen as a player in Revised, and will do so again. The injury tables are useful as well…

I particularly like the “Special Rules” section. Though perhaps calling it Dice Exceptions or something more accurate to what it is would be clearer. There are a lot of special rules in the game. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! I’m gonna keep an eye on this one.

Thanks, Luke. Any feedback on that PM I sent you? I just wanna make sure I don’t overstep the copyright boundaries here. Or would it be safe to assume that you’d just tell me if I did, I’d take the file down, and all is cool?

Maybe “Important Rules” would be more fitting. After all, there are many more dice exceptions I can’t put on the cheat sheet. I’m currently editing page 1 with a few more special rules though, such as working patiently/carefully/quickly, helping, and double Ob penalties.

Also, page 3 is done, and it’s all weapons! Will post it tonight, once I get a chance to triple-check all those numbers.

Yes, good stuff. The test difficulty chart throws me, since it’s the opposite orientation than what I’m used to, but this way seems to make a lot of sense from the perspective of gaming advancement - the Ob is usually fixed, it’s the number of dice that are flexible based on FoRKs and help.

The advancement chart is also great, very concise.

Isn’t an Aristeia only 1D now, or am I misremembering?

This has inspired me to hack practice times… these seem unnecessarily complicated.

You’re right. Doh! Thanks!

I’ve uploaded a new version of the GM Screen. Check it out: CLICK ME, I’M A LINK!

What’s changed?
[ul][li]The special rules section on page 1 has been renamed “Significant Rules Exceptions”.
[/li][li]I have added more rules exceptions to the aforementioned table on page 1, and also condensed the rules exceptions for stats to be more concise.
[/li][li]All the tables on page 1 have been prettified.
[/li][li]The Aristeia error Fuseboy pointed out has been fixed on page 2.
[/li][li]Page 3 has been added, and it’s aaaaaall weapons![/ul]
You guys haven’t printed the first two pages out yet, have you? I told you, it’s a work in progress!


QUESTION: Has anybody tried printing out the latest version of the GM screen? (The version with the gradients on the tables…) If so, could you please tell me if the gradients are printing?

Odd question, I know. But they aren’t printing for me. I just get a white page with black text. I think it’s a printer driver problem. My printer is very old… But I need to make sure, so please give me a heads up whether it’s printing for you or not.

But don’t waste your ink if you haven’t already! Please! I will be releasing new versions periodically. I assume there’s no real problem, and that it’s all a bit of weirdness on my end. My printer’s been doing all sorts of weird things lately.

Gradients printed fine for me.

Awesome, thanks. That’s all I needed to know!

I really do need to buy a new printer. -.-

Page 4’s up. It’s armor. I saw a need for clumsy weights to be displayed in a more intuitive manner, and this is what I’ve come up with. I’m not overly enthused about the layout on this one – a few weird alignment issues – but I have managed to cram a whole lot of information onto one page.

Download here: CLICK ME, I’M A LINK!

Note that I uploaded this one as a separate file, not combined with the other pdf. I might make some changes later, dunno. Also, still not sure if it’s kosher with Luke for me to be listing all the armor rules on one page, heheh…

The original BWR GM sheet had a page for Fight! rules. We don’t need that page anymore, do we? Cuz the new scripting sheets have their own cheat sheets for each of the subsystems. What do you think? I decided no, which is why I made a whole page for armor rules.

Awesome! Do you have any other pages planned besides these four?

Of course! I’ll definately have a sorcery page and a healing times page, just like the 2nd edition GM screen. I’ve already started work on designing the wheel of magic for the page on sorcery. I’ve also half-assed started putting together an index, which may or may not get completed.

These pages are great! Keep up the good work, and get it on the wiki at some point.

When it’s finished!

Also, on the armor page, did I get the > and < symbols right this time? Alligator’s mouth, right? ^^