BWG Online Character Burner Update

Hi all,

Just letting you know work is continuing on the BWG Online Character Burner. I’ve put some teaser/progress screen shots up on my Google+ page. Here are the specific links:

Front screen
Burn mode
Play mode

Still a way to go, but don’t give up hope - progress is being made!


Very nice!


Let me assure you your planning and efforts are greatly appreciated by the BWG fanbase.
Looking at those images, especially the play page, is pretty exciting.

Looks pretty awesome Paul.

Any chance of you looking at how the madatory skills get calculated when the root stat gets greyed out later on? In the current edition they remain black skills. Just a minor quibble, I know they are grey and I roll them as grey.

That is incredible, sir.

Thanks, Paul.

Looks amazing.

I feel the need to buy you a beer. Do you drink beer? Are you anywhere near New York state?

Didn’t know that happened, will look into it.

I prefer wine over beer, but if needing a drink in a pint glass a real ale or scrumpy cider hits the spot nicely. I live in leafy Hertfordshire, UK, just outside London so alas not particularly local to NY. But it’s the thought that counts, thanks!

Looks great Paul!

Cool, tell me about play mode? Is there saving now? I feel like I missed some memos.

No memos missed as saving is still to be added. I’ve just been playing about with the new GUI and thought a Play mode screen would be a good addition.

I’m also taking the opportunity to tidy up parts of the code as some of the original parts (written 4 years ago now) are very rough… The code tidy up will help saving when I get to that bit. But the wife, kids & day job don’t leave much time - oh for the ability to survive with only 2 hours sleep, I’d get so much more done! :slight_smile:

You have been duly circled. I am most impressed. You rock!

As a past insomniac I’d say survival is easy, but high-level functioning is a bit more difficult.
Saving & Loads would be better than great, but don’t risk your health. If you don’t have your health…
I cant help with writing the guts, but if you need more Data entry done let me know.


Can I just add that I look forward to this with a great deal of glee?

Me too, this looks very handy for the kids & I…



I’ve created a Google+ page specifically to track the development of the Gold Edition Online Character Burner. The latest news as it happens will be posted there.

Here’s the link

Latest news is the Traits section has been added, plus there’s a post with a high level to-do list…

This looks really awesome, mate. Keep up the fine work!


One thing I’d love to see, though I don’t know how it could be to implemented, would be to be able to have a custom lifepath set linked to my google login for the app. That way, if I built or added additional lifepaths to a setting, or created a new setting, I could add it to a custom database for my particular login. This would clearly require some kind of upload of saved material feature.