Clarification on Factions, Please?

So let’s say a game’s in progress, a ways into the Infection Phase, and both me as GM and my players are using Take Action against the Factions on the world. My Vaylen FoN chooses to target the Merchant League, hulling its leadership in order to open up a new conduit to smuggle Naiven onto the world. He succeeds, and activates the faction.

I now get to add the Merchant League’s disposition to the Vaylen dispo. My question is, do I just get to add +2 to my Infiltration total, with the activation ‘lapsing’ at the end of the phase? Or is the activation permanent, adding +4 to my Invasion total when we get to that phase?

While this is going on, my players have been Taking Action against the Cult Churches on the planet. They want to discredit and dismantle the planet’s cults before their heretical sermons cause a huge crisis that distract the local leaders from my Infiltration. Their Take Action obstacle is a base 0! Do they even need to roll to knock the Cult Churches out of the phase? What’s the consequences of them doing so?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Factions only activate for one phase. At the end of the phase they “reset.”

  2. They still have to roll 1 success.