Clubs and Maces/Hammers?


So, in part to get a feel for the system as I was reading it, I decided to try and create a character, and ran into a minor problem. Inspired as I was by a couple of images in the rulebook (the image of Sienna on the cover, and the pic on pg. 226), I decided I wanted to arm my mouse with a mace. The section on Fighting Weapons, unfortunately, provides no rules regarding one-handed bludgeons such as clubs or maces/hammers.

Are there any rules applicable to this from other BW rulebooks that can be used as-is or easily adapted? Bear in mind I don’t own any other BW-related books though (and as MG is about as crunchy as I get these days, that’s unlikely to change).

Oh, and while I remember, quick bit o’ errata:
pg. 21: “Meditation Disputes” should read, “Mediating Disputes”
Can’t see too many disputes occuring over how best to meditate. :wink:


I had the same thought, I would just use the Axe stats as the deadly and slow should do nicely for a mace.

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Or possibly the “Staff” entry - what with having “Normal” reach and being “throwable” it certainly seems much more like a mace or club (at least as used by the ‘Vikings’) than a typical quarter-staff…

…but then they are mice! :wink:

Edit: also, the default weapons listing from “the Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System” also conflated Staff and Club/Cudgel into a single entry.

The weapon isn’t used in the comics, therefore it’s not in the game. There’s no full plate, therefore no need for armor crushers.

Now go the Hacks forum and make the weapon.

Thanks for the responses everyone; looks like Staff may be the way to go for the club at least.

Luke, you need to bend David’s ear then, as he not only included a couple of illustrations of mouseguards with maces, but a couple in plate as well (the most prominent on the cover, but there’s also a pic of Celanawe in helmet and breastplate, and that’s just off the top of my head).

They may not be in the comics released thus far, but are clearly depicted in the rpg, and as the illustrator is the comic’s creator, I’m inclined to assume they must exist in the MG canon, hence the question. I understand you were sticking purely to the comic content though.

If I get time to whip up the new rules I’ll share them, though chances are it’ll be done by someone else before I get around to it given my current freelance workload.


The weapon stats are simple enough to fudge what you need. As to importing stuff from BW, the weapon stats and damage system are completely incompatible between the two games.

Where’s the eye-rolley emoticon when you need it?

Here you go, Colin:

+1D to Maneuver
+1D vs. Defend
Length: Normal

Heh, now I see what folks meant when they told me you were brusque. As for where the roll-eyes smilie is, it’s probably in the bin next to your general tact. :wink:


Thanks, mate, much appreciated.


Take it easy and read that as friendly, man. It’s just New York friendly, which means that when you nitpick with your friends, they will roll their eyes at you. My brother rolled his eyes at me the other day when I explained how as near as I could tell, standing on another player’s shoulders was a perfectly legitimate tactic in basketball.

These boards really are pretty friendly, which means it’s safe to roll your eyes as long as the discussion isn’t already heated because we’re assumed to be friends (You’re a Mouse Guard player, right? So you’re very likely to be a good guy) and when your friends roll their eyes it’s a poke in the ribs and an acknowledgment of human foibles, not a hostile gesture.

Also, David’s non-comic Mouse Guard art includes a lot of stuff like riding ducks that may not ever make it into the comic, so pointing to non-comic art as support for a point about canon is a bit shaky.

What’s your rationale? I thought the axe stats were a good fit. A weapon that adds dice on Defend and Maneuver strikes me as quite agile. I don’t imagine a mace being that quick and versatile.

It’s adds a die against an opponent’s Defend, not your own. I guess it could probably be limited to just attacks when your opponent is defending (like the bow).

Or you could just go ahead and take the sword stats and call it a mace or hammer or whatever. :wink:

Ah, thanks for the reading help.

As to the Maneuver bonus, I thought it just cleaner than giving bonuses separately to Impede or Disarm, although looking at the list it doesn’t seem like non-ranged weapons besides the spear give a full maneuver bonus. In any case, don’t treat those stats as official in any way.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t really offended, hence the winking smilie. As an Englishman who also has a rep for being really friendly and polite, anything in the New York vein of communication would be considered brusque by me because it’s utterly alien to my own experiences and outlook. Doesn’t mean I’d be offended though (given my job and life experiences, it’d take a lot more than that to really bother me). If I thought Luke was honestly being a twit of the first magnitude, I wouldn’t have even responded; I would’ve simply walked, and certainly wouldn’t have bothered ribbing him in return, least of all in a joking manner. Hope that clarifies things. :slight_smile:


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Riding ducks? Fuck canon; man, I want riding ducks.
And obviously I want ducklances for use while riding ducks.

Hmmm, Ducklance… to the hacks forum!!1

I hear he chews dice constantly.

No, dice he throws out the window - it’s the lead figurines he chews constantly. That’s what makes him kuh-raaaaaaaazy!