Confusion about Weapons cost

Okay, I’m a little confused about BE weapons costs. On the one hand, the books list the prices for the basic iteration of an assault weapon appropriate to the index as 3 points. It also appears that you then have to buy all the extra traits associated with the weapon that you’d like. The confusion I have with this is if one were to make a resources test to acquire a basic Jack Gun, with all the traits listed in the book, it would total to 12 tech points, meaning an obstacle 12 resources test, which is the same resources test required to acquire an intergalactic mercator! I know I most be getting something wrong here. Is a jack gun listed in the book a basic iteration? Do resources tests work differently than I understand them? Or are sawed off shotguns really worth their weight in gold?

Hi Worm Killer.

There’s a difference between Tech Points and Resources Obstacles.

Depending on your Tech Index, Tech Points convert to Resource Obstacles at different rates (page 378).

On a High Index world, you get a lot more Tech Points for your Resources, whereas in Sub-Index, you get very few. So, a piece of Tech can be more expensive than gold on a lower Index world, but cheap as dirt on a High Index world.



Hey Mark, that’s not quite accurate. Tech trait points convert differently to resource POINTS during character creation, but afterwards they are always one-to-one with the resource OBSTACLE no matter what the index of the world.

Wormy, the tech burner is intended mainly for new tech and for devices. If you want to buy an already extant weapon that someone of your station on your world can buy, you should price that as for manufactured goods, not new fancy tech.

Whoops. My bad! Thanks for catching that, Devin.

in character burning, all Most Basic Iteration weapons cost 1 resource point and Advanced/Illegal/Restricted weapons cost 2. and don’t forget that some weapons can be ‘assigned’ during character burning by the GM.

p. 382 has the cost for purchasing weapons in game. all the traits on the weapons chart come with the weapon for that price. if you want ‘weapons tweaks’, you can add the trait cost to the price, or add them in a late building scene. (defintely the easier/smarter way to tweak a weapon)

Isn’t a jack gun an Ob 3 Resources test (as per page 382)?


It appears so. The only reason why I was wondering whether it might be obstacle 12 is that if you added the trait point costs for all the tweaks that come with it (jacked, intuitive, quick) you’d get that number. Also, in a discussion on Iron on these boards, I heard someone claim that iron was an obstacle 60 resource test because you also pay for all the traits that come with it. But now that I see that a jacked gun is counted as an appropriate assault weapon for the index, and is thus an ob 3 resource test, everything makes sense. Thanks to everybody for clarifying!