Custom Dice

So this isn’t a question, it’s just something cool I want to share. Well I think it’s cool. Since I’m a game geek, I assume you will too.


So cool! :smiley:

Very cool! That’s an awesome idea!

Chris, would you mind if I used that image to create a black & white outline and have some custom dice printed here?

Go for it Esteban. If it works, send me the file (or post it), so I can make some too.


I’m trying to find a company here in the UK to engrave dice - I am waiting for a price from these guys:

I’d like to see the black&white file as well :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in coming in on an order you make. Are you going to use Chris’ excellent die face? PM me if interested and we can sort out details.


wonder if there’s an american custom dice shop?

Look at the Chessex link in Esteban’s post above, Ken.

Just called the dice makers - my email had landed in their junk inbox! Anyway, they have my request for a quote now. I was thinking of offering other people to get in so we can get a shitload of dice printed :slight_smile:

Chris’s design, yes, but in monochrome if they don’t so colour.

Is this order a UK only thing?

I’ll pay for shipping across the pond.

Ken, that’s cool by me :slight_smile: Let’s see what kind of prices the company comes back with - but I bet it’s cheaper per die to have a lot made.

On that note: how many dice are recommended to have “enough” for a BE/BW gaming group? I have a box of 36 dice that I normally use, more than enough. But how few can you survive with?

That might explain why I haven’t heard back from them. Please get back to us if they give you a quote. I’ll try calling them tomorrow maybe, for me it’s an international call, so I’d rather not have to spend on that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to get 20 to 30.

Suppose I could go higher, but depends on the price.

I was also thinking of getting 30 dice!

If I haven’t heard back from them by tomorrow morning I’ll call their office again and see if I can get in touch with their contact person directly.

I was thinking of 30 dice as well if it’s cheap.


If 30 is the “buy-in” than count me in!

I have twelve made up and that’s been fine except in the most extreme cases, Per. Oh, and I’ll buy in assuming the price is right.

Another idea that occurred to the geek in me: what about custom “psychology pool” dice? With eye symbols for the successes and something else for the worms… I have a pool of just regular old dice for my connections, but hell, you know.


Well, if the information on that page I found is accurate 30 dice are around: $135 for 30, if our order is less than 100 dice, and $108 for 30 dice if our order is 100 or more dice. I’m not sure I consider that cheap, but I have been known to indulge in my hobbies :stuck_out_tongue:

That is of course assuming all 6 sides of the dice are custom made. Alternatively one can choose to just have specific numbers changed.

OK, here’s what they say:

"25+ pieces 3.00 GBP each
51+ pieces - 2.10 GBP each
100+ pieces - 1.68 GBP each
200+ pieces - 1.50 GBP each
500+ pieces - 1.20 GBP each

We have the folloing colours available:
OPAQUE - white, red, green, blue, yellow
PEARL - white, black, blue, green, red, purple

Please note that prices quoted exclude dleivery and VAT and any order will
be by proforma invoice."

We should be able get enough people together for more than 100 dice. VAT is 17.5 % and then there’s delivery as well.

That’s all cool with me and I’ll go with 30 as well if that’s the common consensus. I also like the idea of Chris’ psychology dice. :slight_smile:

OK, just to recap. If we get enough orders for 100+ dice, each die will be £1.98 including VAT, but excluding delivery.

That’s pretty expensive, but similar to what Chessex charges.

Of course, if we went with only customising three sides (the wheels fx), I suppose the cost will roughly be half.