I skimmed the technology burner today but was wondering, generally speaking, if you would tackle…say, a cybernetic arm…using the device rules (i.e. things that act like hands, etc.) since the “stats” are the same. It would be easy to determine how many points to charge for my cyberarm based on its strength, etc.

Unless it’s offering a boost of power over the character’s original power, wouldn’t it just be color technology?


What effect do you want the arm to have in the game?


Well, I thought it might be the equivalent to a Call-On Trait for situations where the arm might be applicable: i.e. arm-wrestling contests, hanging from the edge of a building, trying to pull yourself up over a cliff, holding on to something in that hand, etc.

Oh, the old schooler in you is showing. You’ll note that Tech can’t be burned as a call-on. Of course, you could just fudge and take a call-on trait –

Cybernetic arm c-o 2 pts
Call-on for Power in situations requiring desperate or human strength.

If you want to burn tech and just add Power to your character, I think you can figure that one out.


Oh for shame! I have been admonished by the gnawing jaws of Abzu! Behold his fury!

I guess, in thinking about it, it really would just be color tech. Could it be a 1 pt Character Trait? Its no different then any other descriptor at the point, right - i.e. Hairy, Black Fingernails, etc.

It could be that, but I think you should make it into something cool! At least make it a HtH weapon!


Out of curiousity, why not?

Call-ons are for characters, not tech. They are a special quality that can only be contained in a living, breathing thing.

Sort of a “the theme music soars and the bloody, beaten-up hero picks himself up and pushes past his limits” sort of thing?

Sure, that’s one way to look at it.