Emotional Attribute: Tech Fetish

N.B. This ain’t in the book. This is just Luke’s resident tech pr0n0grapher playing with himself.

A notion struck me at lunch: it could be fun to have an emotional attribute for tech fetishism on High Index worlds that correlates to the extent to which you have assimilated technology into your body. The attribute would give some sweet advantage somewhere… but start high, and advance rapidly to 10, which would represent nanophagy: you turn into grey goo, indistinguishable from any other nanotech accident, and completely, irretrievably dead.


It’s cool man, but for another game. No emotional attributes in BE.


I could defintly see this as a awsome Trait:

Tech Fetish (v1): Choose a skill that does not requires tools, the character with Tech Fetish must have tools when using this skill.


Tech Fetish (v2): Choose a skill that requires tools, the character must have High Index Tools to use that skill.

V1 is better for High Index and V2 better for a Low Index world.