If there is an errata sheet for MG please post the link in a sticky.

Thanks in advance,

Errata is generally stickied in the appropriate forum. For instance, take a look at the BE Character Burner forum, or the First Reading forum for Burning Wheel.

Mouse Guard has only trivial errata at this time, so there’s no sticky right now. There are a couple of typos, the description of the Heavy factor (for armor) on p243 is incorrect (use the one from p118/119 instead), and a correction is needed about the base for disposition for chases (the book says Nature, but that’s only appropriate when being chased. I think the consensus is to use Health when chasing, but I’m not sure).

Had you noticed something you were wondering about? Or was this just a precautionary inquiry in case there was something important?

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And the Liam example in the Resolution chapter is wrong. He rolls 9 dice, not 10.

Thanks guys.

Didn’t notice anything, actually. Done one read through a week or so ago, and some browsing, plus read through the MG forum and didn’t notice an errata posting.:slight_smile:
Enjoy the plot/character integration focus and yesterday evening started to prep for a first session, hence the post.


It’s scattered here and there, but I’m glad we have it all summed up in one thread now.