Explosives cost?

Maybe I’m just missing something obvious, but how much do explosives cost? The entry in the Tech Burner says “choose from this list [which I presume is in the one in the Firefight chapter], and its cost is its listed damage.” Is that Mark? Superb? Am I just not seeing where it’s spelled out?


I think what it’s saying is that you pick the “size” of the weapon (for lack of a better term) from the list of things that aren’t explosive (Imp. Weapon: 1, CCW: 2, and so on), and then buy the enhancement trait. I’m looking at the chart on page 382. That’ll give you an explosive appropriate to the tech index capable of being used in the appropriate situation based on what you spent. All the explosives in the weapon chart are (basically) CCW-scale explosives.

That makes sense. Thanks.

So, while I’m at it - although explosives tend to be Single Shot, they still make ammo checks normally in Firefight, right? I can use my Single Shot explosive until I fail an ammo check?


There’s a special note in Loads on page 525 for what to do with single shot weapons if you’re tracking ammo, but assuming you aren’t tracking reloads you’re right. An untracked single shot explosive just means you’re able to have a grenade primed and on hand when you need it and a failed ammo check means you’re going to need to take a second to fish another out of your rucksack.

So, if I am getting this right, explossives are.single Use. Makes sense, but I am still not sure how the cost to mark ratio works. Maybe you can explain it to me tonight Odie

Not single use, single shot. Like a mortar or rocket launcher. You have extra grenades, you’re just at a severe disadvantage in an ammo check, compared to someone with a case or capacitor feeding their weapon.

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