Fires Over Omac: Fazia Grizzly's Hard Tech

Hi, everyone,

I was getting myself all set to GM Fires Over Omac tomorrow until one of my players cancelled. As I only had three in the first place, I decided to postpone until after the New Year. In the meantime, I have a couple of questions about Fazia Grizzly and his two items of Hard Tech.

Now, as I understand it, Hard tech is meant to have some sort of system effect, even if it’s only as tools for a skill. Which is why I’m a bit puzzled about Fazia Grizzly’s items:

  • The Mining Equipment. My first thought is that it’s tools for a skill, except the only skill it’d seem to apply to is Excavation, which the Fazia doesn’t have. No one else has it.
  • The Secret Warrens. Okay, after re-reading Character Burning I’ll take them back; they’re a Property that only Grizzly and his trusted Kerrn know about, which is worth an RP. That’s correct, isn’t it?


and let’s just say that the Fazia has a store of mining equipment in case anyone else would need it.

Thanks, Luke. I’m imagining all kinds of crazy Beginner’s Luck tests relating to moving lots of dirt quickly…