We had a situation in which an assault team was trying to capture/kill two people who held their boss captive (in a knife-to-his-throat kind of way). It came up that a flashbang would be really nice… here’s my rendition. Would it be more appropriate to make the Steel tests +Ob? Is there a nice way to tie +Ob into the DoF?


Nonlethal grenade designed to incapacitate the target. Affects one adjacent target at -1 to the DoF. Reduces Steel for the remainder of the scene. All targets must immediately make a Steel check.

I (1-3): H1, -1D Steel
M (4-5): H3, -2D Steel
S (6-6): H5, -3D Steel

Ammo: Single Shot

Close Combat Weapon (+2), Inhibitor (+6), Obstacle (+1), Blast (+1), Inaccurate (-2)

Index: Sub


Forces Steel test at increased Ob. I don’t think there’s a tech ability that allows you to directly subtract dice, is there?


I don’t think anything directly subtracts dice, tech or not.


Well, I got it from here:

The Effector trait has been used, but I didn’t see Inhibitor used anywhere. Is “target” here supposed to refer only to non-living things? And if not, can the Effector trait can nullify only traits on non-living things or could it also shut down a crucis? :wink:

But an immediate +Ob Steel test does seem to make more sense.


Right, forgot about Inhibitor. That’s a bit expensive for a one shot grenade though, eh?

Effector nullifies exactly what it says: TECHNOLOGY traits, not traits you get from the lifepaths or the lists.