Flying jeep

Grav Utility Sled (GUS)
Type: Atmospheric Vehicle (Pilot)
Tech Index: Zero index and higher
Capacity: 2 crew (pilot, gunner), and either cargo or 4 passengers
Tech Resources: Ob 8
Profile: 0
Integrity: 5
Control: 1D
Signals: Automation 3
Sensors: Automation 3
Ordnance: Squad Support (1)
Vehicular Speed: Atmospheric 7
Security: none
Structural Tolerances: Surface, H5. Breach, H10. Damaged, V5. Destroyed, V11.

based off the Anvil Attack Sled, p. 555.

Bare-Handed Repair (+1 pt)
What Anvil soldiers – and guerrillas, and criminals – love most about what they affectionately call the “Gus” is how stupidly easy it is to fix when it breaks down. Except for the weapon, every system on the vehicle from powerplant to avionics is designed so a soldier in the field can fix it without needing any tools more complicated than bare hands, a pocket knife, and maybe a pistol butt to whack things with.
Equivalent to Tools for Repair (+2 pts), only useable on this vehicle (Categorical Limitation: -1 pt)
Note: Tools for Armorer are still required to fix the Squad Support weapon carried.

Not a combat vehicle (-2 pts)
Although (lightly) armed, Guses are meant to carry troops, supplies, and special equipment around the edges of the battle zone, not to fight. They are essentially a much tougher version of the standard civilian grav sled.
Reduce Speed by 2, to 7, the same as the civilian Grav Sled (p. 553) (-2 to vehicular speed, -4 points)
Reduce Profile by 1, to 0, the same as the civilian Grav Sled (equivalent to reducing an enemy Skill Advantage from 1D to zero, +3 pts)
Reduce Ordnance from Vehicular Scale to Squad Support (Categorical Limitation: -1 pt)
These changes are relative to the template vehicle, the Anvil Attack Sled (p. 555), and are already reflected in the stats above.

Availability in character burning: Any character with at least one Anvil lifepath and the Pilot skill (whether bought as a lifepath skill or with General skill points) may buy a GUS for 1 rp. Other characters may purchase it as AIR (advanced/illegal/restricted) equipment for 2 rps.

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